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Friobas, naturalmente

Frozen product. Precooked product. Delights of fish stuffed with seafood.

Panga fillets 42%, onion 8%, peeled shrimp 7%, prawn tail 5%, surimi 4%, egg 3%, sweet pepper 2%, olive oil, sherry and salt. Formula of the coating (10%): HA-SJ-10 (wheat flour, corn starch, salt and milky solids). Formula of the breadcrumbs (18%) T-20 and T-03: wheat flour, water, salt and natural coloring (E-160)

Vacuum packages of 250gr. Boxes of 20 packages.
.- Cartons of 400 grs. Boxes of 15 cartons.

Defrost between 15 and 20 minutes and fry in warm oil until browned. Afterwards cook in the microwave for 50 seconds. Fry preferable in a fryer.